Discover Why London Hotels Are Full and Very Expensive in November | travelling and hotels

November is the month where hoteliers, resort, condos, apartment owners and travel agents gather to represent their companies. The event is called “The World Travel Market “week (WTM). It is an annual global event where hotel and travel industries meet and promote their facilities to prospective clients.This year’s date is between the 8th and 11th November 2010 at EXCEL, London. In addition to Travel and Industry people foreign embassies also have stalls there to attract more tourists to come to their respected countries and promote tourism businesses. This is a HUGE MEGA event which simply put, hoteliers CANNOT afford NOT to be there if they want to promote their hotels or resort facilities!Thousands upon thousands of travel industry people from all over the world will to come to London for this very important global travel industry event. It is like a Superbowl or the Champions League final of the travel industry where everybody wants to be there.Some hotel reservations agents receive booking as early as March for November stay to get special discounted rates. I know I did when I was a reservations agent.Some hotels do not even have their winter rates publish in March! But their travel agent partners would want to book some rooms for their valued clients and a few more rooms for family members, just to be on the safe side. They know that if they wait and book hotel accommodations nearer the date it will cost their clients dearly.You are probably wondering what’s got to do with you as leisure or week-ender travellers? There must be thousands of hotels in London. It’s only for four days surely I could find one hotel to suit my preference? The answer to that is yes. If you are prepared to pay premium hotel rates when you book then there is no need for concern. However, bear in mind that hotels will try to sell their accommodations to the highest rates possible simply because of the “World Travel Market” (WTM) Week. This is the only time hotels can cash-in on the event.Even hotel with no star ratings like Bed and Breakfast or Guest Houses will be difficult to find that meet your needs.Travel industry delegates will come to London at least a few days before the official opening day to prepare their stand at the exhibition. They will also arrange meetings with people prior to the big day. Imagine thousands of travel delegates needing accommodations in the next seven days or so. You are going to compete with them in searching for cheaper hotel accommodations during the WTM week. Needless to say, hotel room rates in London will simply go up. The demands for hotel accommodations will outstrip the supply for this period (WTM). If you are planning to come to London for a short break avoid the “World travel Market” week, if you can. If you absolutely need to be there in the dates mentioned above, I strongly suggest you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.

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